"I AM" 
​Darlene started on her journey with the burning question “This could not be all that life was meant to be”. She had to Believe that there was more to life than the life she was leading. So with failing health, another failed relationship she set out to find the answer
 Where is her Happiness, Peace, Love and Joy?

Darlene started to search for answers through Astrology, Numerology, Psychic Readings, Psychic Development classes and several other classes to raise her consciousness. She took part in numerous healing meditations and read all kinds of books. She went on several retreats to Sedona, AZ to seek and explore the sacredness of Sedona and the many vortexes which exist there, which helped her on her journey to Awakening.

She became a Reiki Master, earned an advanced degree in IET (Intergrated Energy Therapy), Psycho-energetic Healing, Running the Bars and became a Reverend (Ordained Minister) of the Order of Melchizedek from the Sanctuary of the Beloved. Along with her educational background Darlene is blessed with the spiritual gifts of Clairsentience and Knowingness. Clairsentients are "sensitives," who can feel the energy or vibrations of others, often unconsciosuly, because they instinctively "feel your pain".  Knowingness is a divinely guided energy imprinted in a flash or split second into her consciousness so she can illuminate the Truth. 

She found out after many years of various healings, the answers pointed back to her, She was the answer. Darlene’s experience has lead her to the realization that you must go within and heal yourself on the inside and your outer world will change. Once you go within you will wake up to all the pain that was so well hidden, all the pain that you have been denying yourself from present day and the past. What we seek outside of ourselves will not complete us. Inner Peace is a gift we can only develop within ourselves through commitment, devotion, and developing spiritual awareness.

Most people find that all the prayers, therapy and inspirational talks will not relieve their pain. That is where vibrational medicine comes in, Reiki, IET, Access Consciouness Running the Bars, Sound, I have a strong connection to the whales and dolphins and I am able to facilitate the use of Sonar to heal and various other forms of alternative modalities.

After many years of various healing techniques Darlene needed to approach her practice differently. It was a must for her to help Empower those that came to her. Gone are the days when you give away your power to someone else, Doctor’s, therapist, etc. Darlene felt it was essential that when you leave your session you have tools and or techniques to use to empower yourself to continue to heal your life.

Darlene has also found that using Vibrational/Energy Medicine such as crystals, Sacred Geometry, Light Language, Tunning forks and sound are additional tools that she works with.  

All sessions are set with the Intention to transmute all that no longer serves you on all levels of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for “The Highest Good of All Concerned”.


Since this is your journey, Darlene asks that you have a commitment and willingness to transmute all that no longer serves your highest good. She asks that you be willing to make any changes in your habits, behavior, or thought process that may be necessary to complete your transformation. A Commitment and devotion to go within yourselves in order to heal, to find the truth of all pain you are experiencing, and to learn to listen to what your physical, mental and emotional bodies are telling you. Don’t you owe it to yourself to find the answer to Where is your Happiness, Peace, Love and Joy?
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