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You will be guiding, teaching and healing others. You are a genius in the works. You are to help and heal so many whose hearts and minds have been crushed by society and by the challenges of life. You are to repair them step by step. They are to be so attracted to your light and your goodness. They will fully believe and trust you. Your business and your work are to be so very successful and is to blossom into a huge following. People are to be drawn to you and wish to be in your presence. Your light is so bright, so radiant and so very powerful.
Micky – Hicksville, NY

I have known Darlene for too many years to count.  Standing beside her I have seen this special woman open her heart and soul to help all.  Darlene's gifts are strong and her heart is pure.   I treasure her as a precious gift from God and I am thankful he has sent her to me.
Angela - New York

I was very comfortable working with Darlene right from the start.  My first appointment with her put me in a state of relaxation that I have not felt for a long time.  I had some physical issues with my lower back muscles that were alleviated considerably.  During the session it was apparent that other personal karmic issues were being worked on as well as, seeing colors of light that kept alternating.  The feeling of the session had lasting effects; for several days after I had slept more soundly than I have in quite sometime.  It is also clear that my mental state was much lighter for the ensuing week also. 
Eric - New York

I have had several sessions with Darlene and each time I felt so relaxed and peaceful like I have never felt before.  She used this technique on me that used the sound of rain and gongs that put me into a relaxed state so I could easily release and let go without resistance.  I am grateful to her for all her help.
Nicollette - New J​ersey

Darlene is an amazing healer and spiritual advisor. She speaks from the heart and therefore always speaks the truth. When I first met her in a psychic development class, she approached me and befriended me. She knew everything about me… my thoughts, my feelings and the emotions of my heart; with only seeing me in the class. She reached out to me with her straight forward, but gentle advice, guidance and support. She was able to heal me on many levels. She has a pure internal intuition, healing hands and an uncanny knowing ability. I live a new and rewarding life today and best of all Darlene has become a most treasured friend. My love and gratitude for her will forever be remembered within my heart.
Maria McGunnigle, Tucson, Arizona

Darlene is one of the most caring people I know.  She does whatever she can to help others by being there for support, sending loving energy your way and healing you with Reiki.  She is very skilled and very effective at healing emotional and physical problems.  I have learned a lot from her and she is always teaching me something new.  I am honored to have worked with Darlene.
Shaun Tannenbaum (Medium), New York

I had a great experience with Darlene, I never felt so relaxed.  I felt I was in a better place physically and emotionally after.  Can't wait to go back!
Carissa - New York


It is she who carries forth the torch of bright, golden, white light energy; for it is her mission.  Her soul's shining path of enlightenment; soothing with each wave of healing that she brings forth to all.  She is miraculous in her ability "to Know" all that is troubling and in need of repair within the souls' emotional issues.  She provides the healing techniques and the guidance needed to break the patterns of self destructive behavior.  The healing offered is of the highest pure divine vibrational source of energy; and it is her intent to heal all of humanity.

She "Knowingly" offers the guidance needed for your soul's total healing and progression to move forward to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling life required for your soul's ascension.  Her energy force comes from within us; Angels of the Divine Order.  We stand beside you Darlene in total admiration and adoration of your gifts being shared with the world.  A new force of the highest light energy as you hold your torch high above your head for all the world to see.

Go forth Darlene in your illumination; continue to bring forth your healing waves of enlightenment.  Your Atlantis connection has been activated and is being transmuted.  Your guides stand by your side in full protection for you are the Goddess of the Ocean and dolphin energy.